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Basic foot care includes nail cutting, nail reduction for thick nails, ingrowing toenail management, callus debridement and cracked heels, and corn enucleation. A routine appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes.

routine chiropody

verruca treatment

Most Verrucae are harmless and clear up without treatment. The length of time it takes for verrucae to clear will vary from person to person and it may take up to two years for the viral infection to leave your system. You might decide to treat verrucae if they are painful or if they are in an area that is causing discomfort or embarrassment. We offer a few different treatments and these can be discussed in your initial consultation:


nail surgery

This is carried out under a local anaesthetic, and is offered when an ingrowing toe nail cannot be managed in a routine appointment. It involves permanently removing part of or all of the nail to relieve the problem. A pre-op assesment is essential and you will be unable to drive immediately after the procedure.


Often people are embarrassed to show thick, discolored or fungal nails when out or when on holiday, WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is a means to partially or completely restore the toenail, providing an attractive cosmetic result.


Wilde-Pedique Plus is a gel system designed specifically for toenails. It is an extremely elastic UV gel, which adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can even be achieved on calloused layers of skin where there is hardly any toenail. The new nail can be painted and repainted with regular nail polish and lasts up to 6 weeks.

It has anti-fungal properties too! The "Plus" is the anti-mycotic agent Olamine Piroctone, this can protect against and treat fungal infections.


£40 for one toe nail
£58 for two toe nails
P.O.A For more than two nails



bio assessment

A Biomechanical Assessment involves an evaluation of the feet, legs and body position whilst weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing. This information is then used to prescribe orthotics in order to improve foot function and reduce symptoms. Here at Anne Perry's we provide a basic assessment and prescribe semi bespoke (off the shelf) insoles, We are unable to offer in-depth assessments, full gait analysis or casted orthoses.

Please note that we perform courtesy calls for all our appointments and therefore we have a missed appointment and cancellation policy that we do enforce. If you fail to attend an appointment or cancel with very short notice, you may be charged for the full cost of the appointment.

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